“I’m ready to go”

Do those words sounds familiar? There are really two main interpretations which come to mind for the general population, either really good or really bad.

But have you ever  had it mean simply nothing. I mean you feel nothing. You see nothing. You sense nothing. And in that instant one sixtieth of a second your whole world stops. And all you can do is stare…stare into her big blue eyes, as she tells you she’s ready to go with a big smile on her face. Ironically with a big smile on her face!

There  I was; frozen for what seemed to be minutes and I looked into this amazing woman’s’ eyes and all I can see is youth, cognition, and happiness. She’s staring  at me in silence with her big smile, showing her straight teeth; and I feel her shiny eyes glaring at me and making my body feel stiff. Frozen. I was frozen!

For once in my life I did not know what to say, or think , or do,  I was held by an amazing woman’s’ words and actions at a still. And all I could do was nod and smile, as if I understood her. But I really didn’t. But I know she won’t be there the next time I go, which is why I understood she wanted to go. She wanted “to go” for good.





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