Histroy Repeats Itself.


I just finished watching the movie “Hunger Games:  Mocking Jay” and what I have realized is that history repeats itself over and over again. The only difference is that every so often an innovative director or author comes up with a more modern way of displaying it. The story of Hunger Games, or so many others out there like it is NOT NEW. Various groups in different sectors fighting against each other, and having civil war is NOT NEW. It has been written a million times, starting nearly a century ago! Most people wont realize this but they feel a disconnect with the movie but in reality we are living IT as we speak. Everything we see and hear in social media is propaganda. Everything is fake, an ideology, and we are blinded with the noise… so that we don’t see the truth. Because if we saw the truth then we too would want to rebel and cause an uproar in society-but the “capital” does not want us to. At the end of the day we will be gone one day, and a new society will rise, and as long as there are humans in the world this vicious cycle will continue.


How I cured my Crohn’s Disease


At the age of 27, I had already completed my Bachelor of Science with Honors, post graduate in Chiropody, and Advanced Wound Management. I had my own successful business and worked hand in hand with one of the most well known Doctors in all of Toronto; even Canada! I was also working at two other clinics, doing what I do best- feet! I was working 6 days a week; 10-12 hours a day. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that I was over worked and well beyond pushing my body to its maximum capacity- although at the time I did not feel like it at all! To top it all I got engaged to the love of my life, got married, bought a house, and moved in! No babies! That would just be pushing it!

A couple of months after we moved into our new home, I started getting sharp shooting pain in my mid and lower abdomen, nauseousness, severe bloating, and constant thirst/ dehydration. At first I thought I may have been pregnant, but I was not thankfully because we were not in the right place in our lives for a baby.   I visited my family Doctor like most people would, he suggested I do an ultrasound and blood work. The ultrasound was normal. The blood work showed very low vitamin D,  it was 1/3rd of what it should have been. Which is normal in Canadians, since we get very little sun exposure. But that was not the cause of my pain. So my GP referred me to a top notch Gastrointestinal specialist in Toronto- 2 months later and I still have not heard anything. I go back to my GP who then refers me to a second Gastrointestinal specialist. The 2nd GI Dr calls me within a week or so and gives me an appointment for a month later. By the time I had seen the 2nd GI Dr I was already more than 3 months in to my condition.

The day had come and  I see the GI Dr, he does a full assessment and asks tons of questions, and says it is best to go a colonoscopy and endoscopy which he scheduled for 3 weeks later. Meanwhile he gives me pantoprazole 40 mg once daily. The pantoprazole actually got rid of nauseousness, which was great because I could work almost like a normal person.

3 weeks later, i do the colonoscopy and endoscopy, and for o=people who have done the cleanse you know how bad it is- i will not get into that because that is not the purpose of what I am writing about. Right after the procedure, he comes to see me in the ‘waiting area’ and says it looks like I have Crohn’s Disease. I was totally shocked and taken back! Because it was so sudden, and it was Chronic- as in forever. Mentally and emotionally I was done.

I followed up with him in 2 weeks after the Colonoscopy and he suggested I take these 4-8 horse pills (look like!) called Pentasa, he said what I had was chronic, and there was nothing I could do to cure it. It was just something I had to deal with. This was very hard for me to hear, I was in tears because no person in their 20’s wants to hear that they are stuck with a chronic disease that will cause them a life time of pain. There was a lot of emotional denial on my behalf, I did not think this was possible. But at some point I accepted that I had Crohn’s and decided I was just going to deal with this head on.

I started taking the pills 4 times a day. Meanwhile the ORIGINAL GI Dr who I was first  referred to contacted me and booked me for an appointment. At this point I thought I might as well see him, maybe there is a bit of hope left that I might not have Crohn’s. So I went to see him, he was the best well known Dr for GI in all of Toronto. After an hour of consultation, he also said I have Crohns. He suggetsed contninubg taking the Pantasa pills for one year. There goes that. 

Meanwhile the pills were not doing anything, and I was taking up to 6  day. I was still totally bloated, it did not matter what I drank or ate. In the morning I would be a size 6 and by the PM I would be a size 12. I literally looked like I was 6 months pregnant in the PM. I still had the sharp shooting pain, and the cramping.

I was still determined. I started seeing an old friend of mine, who was a Doctor of Naturopathic medicine.- Dr Judith Ancheta. I decided to see her for something totally different, weight loss. Our first session that was suppose to be an hour turned out to be 3 hours, and I cried, and cried. I could not stop crying. She started everything from the beginning. The beginning! No Dr has ever done this. I felt like I was being seen by a medical Doctor, a psychologist, and naturalistic doctor, and a wise doctor- but most importantly a w holistic doctor- she wanted the whole picture.

Even though I went to see her for weight loss, she suggested that we cure  the Crohn’s first and then deal with the weight loss. She was logical.  I was emotional. I agreed with her.

And our sessions begun. I saw her on a weekly basis for the first month and then on a biweekly basis after that for the next few months. In total I saw her for around 4 months. I stopped taking all the medical pills that I was prescribed. And started on a clean slate. I did every thing she told me to do. She was determined that I was Curable! This was the first person that told me I could be cured. I was in total happiness. She did a variety of treatments. The first thing she did was change my ENTIRE diet to make my system more basic and less acidic. So I was to eat and drink everything she told me, all natural. no crazies. Everything I had was either from the natural food store or a regular grocery store. Second was vitamin supplements. Third was acupuncture (this made a HUGE difference). Fourth was vitamin B injections which was done weekly. And fifth was drinking a teaspoon of a natural liquid that again made my stomach and GI more basic. Out of everything she did I felt the most difference with the diet change and the acupuncture.

After 4 months of seeing her, I had a pre planned charity trip to Ghana. I was a bit scared to go because of the dietary changes. But I went. And every single symptom of mine from the Crohn’s was gone 100% – no pain, no cramps, no bloating, no queasiness, nothing! I was nearly normal. The one thing I will say that also made a difference substantially is not having fiber. Every time I had too much fiber I would be bloated, and the sharp shooting pain would come back.

you may wonder what I eat now. I eat almost everything, but not all at the same time. It is important to NOT mix certain food categories. Here is a list of things I eat

– chicken, fish, eggs (white only), red meat only 2x a month or less

– fruit (apple, oranges, lemon, lime, grapefruit, tangerine) only 1-2 a day. I only eat fruits that are basic, i try to stay away from fruits that are acidic.

– vegetables (only steamed or cooked) I never eat veggies raw except lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumber. I can eat all veggies as long as it is not raw. I have veggies 2 x a day.

I stay away from things that have wheat or tons of fi child, I do not eat it!!!

Now I dont take ANY pills!! I am happier than ever! I do not have Crohn’s. I actually went to my GI Dr for a follow  up and he just kept stuttering his words, because he was in total shock. He was wrong. Crohn’s is curable. So don’t listen to everything your Dr says, see other specialist an read online , there is a lot that happens that Drs do not know about. Drs can some times be bias and close minded. And it is not their fault, that is what they were taught in school. Monkey see-Monkey Do. It is human nature is be defensive for everything we stand for. But it is also YOUR right to get help from external sources, to do your own investigation, to SPEAK UP! it is YOUR BODY! YOU have to live with IT for the rest of your LIFE! This is how I cured my Crohn’s, and you can too!!!!


Last night I had a dream. I was trying to take a shower but something kept stopping me. Every time I tried to get under the running water, something would come up and not allow me to. My sub conscience is trying to tell me something. It’s funny how much truth there is to our dreams, to our unconscious mind. Whatever you try to sweep under the carpet during the day will come out at night-time when you are no longer holding up a guard. Water. Water represents washing away and getting “refresh”, and coming out “clean”. That’s what I have been trying to do, but life has got in my way thus far. Every time I have tried to come “clean” an obstacle stops me from doing so. And the one time I actually did come clean, there was negative reinforcement. And we all know the consequence of negative reinforcement you don’t repeat the same thing twice.

Some things are better not clean, maybe?

Some times things can become clean only in your unconscious, only when you are asleep.