Last night I had a dream. I was trying to take a shower but something kept stopping me. Every time I tried to get under the running water, something would come up and not allow me to. My sub conscience is trying to tell me something. It’s funny how much truth there is to our dreams, to our unconscious mind. Whatever you try to sweep under the carpet during the day will come out at night-time when you are no longer holding up a guard. Water. Water represents washing away and getting “refresh”, and coming out “clean”. That’s what I have been trying to do, but life has got in my way thus far. Every time I have tried to come “clean” an obstacle stops me from doing so. And the one time I actually did come clean, there was negative reinforcement. And we all know the consequence of negative reinforcement you don’t repeat the same thing twice.

Some things are better not clean, maybe?

Some times things can become clean only in your unconscious, only when you are asleep.


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