Histroy Repeats Itself.


I just finished watching the movie “Hunger Games:  Mocking Jay” and what I have realized is that history repeats itself over and over again. The only difference is that every so often an innovative director or author comes up with a more modern way of displaying it. The story of Hunger Games, or so many others out there like it is NOT NEW. Various groups in different sectors fighting against each other, and having civil war is NOT NEW. It has been written a million times, starting nearly a century ago! Most people wont realize this but they feel a disconnect with the movie but in reality we are living IT as we speak. Everything we see and hear in social media is propaganda. Everything is fake, an ideology, and we are blinded with the noise… so that we don’t see the truth. Because if we saw the truth then we too would want to rebel and cause an uproar in society-but the “capital” does not want us to. At the end of the day we will be gone one day, and a new society will rise, and as long as there are humans in the world this vicious cycle will continue.


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