Humans have a hard time moderating. It is one of our genetic faults. Most people are like action potentials, all or nothing. Unfortunately this does not work well in the real world. There needs to be a balance between everything, including your social, love, and work life. Think about most of the people in which you know, are they balanced? I will speak for myself when I say that 90% of the people that I known are not well balanced and are miserable! They are either working too much (and hating their jobs, for the most part!), partying too much (doing illegal drugs, and binge drinking), or cheating on their bfs/gfs.

To add on to it, nowadays we have a new addiction, that being technology. Primarily our cell phones. It is so odd for me to see a group of 10 people sitting at a restaurant all on their phones! It boggles my mind! it really does!

Conclusion: Do everything in moderation! Including using your phones! And if you are not capable of doing it in moderation then might as well not do it at all. So make rules for yourself and your friends/family to have all phone put away when in social gatherings of more than 2!

The end!


Some things I have learned in life up until life

These are some things I have learned in life , which have helped me get this far in life and also allowed me to pass a lot of hardship in my life.

we must seclude ourselves from nature to progress.
the believer is happy, the doubter wise.
the moment you start accepting limitations is the moment you die.
if you think you’re different, then at least put in some effot to try to minimally fool yourself.
sometimes no matter how hard you try to wash your hands, you still can’t get them clean.
you always want to know the real answer until you do…
never say ‘always’
one day you’ll see that you can be wrong about people, that not all people are the same. But until that very day, dont get your hope up.
As long as there is the unknown, there is fear. That’s why there is religion.
We bare the pressure of our world and our feet bares the pressure of us. So we better treat them right.
people hardly realize that we could cut anything from our lives, any times, just like that.
sometimes you need to overcome things, rather than avoid them.
in life, no such  thing is perfect or lasting
you always want to help the people you’ve created.
don’t give into your emotions, stay on the safe side.
i can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s so bright my eyes are burning.
i have come to the realization that my happiness is found in the smallest things possible.
dont rush through life unless you truely must, you only get one chance.
in times if hardship just remember 2 things: that you’re not alone, and there is some one that has it way worse
take life one breath at a time
the purpose of life is to find the purpose of yourself within in.
find happiness within yourself, only then you can find happiness in others. From then on, it’s a vicious cycle.
if you dont try, you’ll never know.
it’s hard to see the dark when all youve ever seen is light.
every beginning has an end, but there is always a fresh start that follows.
the only thing left to do is be human now.
never threaten until you’re ready to deliver.
one thing is for sure, people are all the same.
you can walk with your head down and if lucky find a loonie, but walk with your head up and you’re bound to find life.
his eyes were closed, and his heart open.
we live. we die. and the wheels on the  bus go round and round.
it amazes me how people are all the same, yet we make the same mistakes over and over again.
stop yapping and just do it.
she decided to write a book, and she did.
when you’re high up there, just remember that we all see the same blue sky.
sometimes you get so caught up in life where you forget about every one around you and how your actions effect them (the important things in life).
everything is a function of time.
being able to walk in the park with your eyes open is half the battle.
when your stop has come along your best bet is to get off the train the first time around. For every other time, your destination will be intact but time will not be on your side.

You stand before me, as I once said you would. You’re still in denial, and i’m way gone.


Last night I had a dream, which   i remember vividly!

I was some where in Africa, in one of the very poor countries and there were children every where, no parents or adults, just children….maybe around 20 of them.
I wanted to help them. i felt so bad, i really wanted to help them, they just lived in the streets, and had nothing to eat.
i remember one scene where one of the older children, maybe 13 or 14 , a girl was cooking something in a black pot on a small fire she had made on the side of the street and I thought okay well they have at least something to eat. But as I got closer to see what was in the pot I saw it was just leaves and branches of the  the surrounding trees in water.
The next thing I remember Is that I had actually helped them and got them out of wherever it was in Africa and brought them to Canada. They were not living in a nice house, and everything looked great from the outside. And again the same scene with a girl cooking something this time on a stove. And as I got closer I saw that it was filled with chopped up zucchini in boiling water. Which is not a significant healthy food, in North America.
And all of the sudden the authorities barged in, as in I had brought them here illegeally. And I told every one to hide, all 20 kids, and they did, but there was the baby who was in my arms , a tiny tiny baby, and I held her so tight, no one could touch her or harm her.
the authorities came with their guns screaming and yelling, and it was just me and the baby and i held her and no one could harm her. no one.

We are all the same

Whether we come from different color, ethnicity, race, and sexuality we are all the same. The core of humans are the same, even if our external is not. Once we as humans realize this, life becomes much easier. But unfortunate instead of accepting this and dealing with it, we end up distracting ourselves with what I call “noise”. Noise can be anything that is NOT dealing with the truth, it can be social media, technologies, facebook, Instagram, video games, etc.

Next time you get sucked into “noise”, STOP yourself and ask yourself what you are hiding from and why.



Give to other, not to receive back

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Be the Change.”

Change is ALWAYS good. Whether it’s good or bad change. We may not always think that because at the time of a “bad ” change we are devastated and at times at our lowest emotionally. But with time even the bad change has a great outcome.

Did you know if every one in North America gave a dollar less than a dollar a day, there would be no world hunger?! Crazy , right!?…. but there is so much social noise around us that it doesn’t allow us to see this information/fact! Dont you see? The world does not want you to see! The world is blocking your vision with alcohol, drugs, social media, propaganda, and extensive (not necessary) technology. Every one’s brain is fogged up (rhymed with ‘fucked’ up). no pun intended.

I hope for every one to one day open their eyes to the world that is NOT their own. To see how other people live their lives, and to seek change in helping the less privileged.


 I made a change. Any one can do it. Last July I went to Ghana and did sooo much and amongst them allowed a person who hadn’t walked in 25 years walk !!! We made him a prosthetic limb and he walked!!!  Any one can do it. There is so much to do in this world, so many opportunities, we should all help people in need!! It is our responsibility as humans. We owe it to mankind.

Case 4 SchoolHoven. 2 days after I saw him. I had lost my luggage with my supplies of plaster to cast Simone. So I was innovated and used paper mache. Case 4 SchoolHoven Cured Leper Male, had not walked in over 25 years. No body even gave him the option to. He was crawling on his knees in the last 25 years, and was starting to get ulcers.

New Generation – Poem

Broken person

See me in the light

for the person i am

not for the person I want to be

it burns me inside

to see you see me like this

but my mind is not here

too much noise

my heart is flowing in the ocean

but it’s polluted in the 21st century

steaming from the inside out

but it vaporizes before you see me beneath you

Think of me !

When I am no longer here

Think of me!

When you’re dreaming

At the end of the day

We all turn into dust

no one lives for eternity

and we all end in the same place

we have for years…

yet we forget

we think we’re inevitable

i will forgive you

I will be forgotten

but don’t forget this one thing

remind yourself every day that you’re not here to stay

no one is invincible


Everything I do I do for you

Have you ever had some one who has past away or is no longer in your life, yet there isn’t a single day in your life when you don’t think about them?

Most people who are cognitively heightened do.

Agha joon, is what I called my grandfather. In Persian it translates to exactly ‘dearest man’. Which is exactly what he was to me. He was my everything. And once he passed away everything was taken away from me temporarily. Until I realized that instead of mourning his passing, I need to be living his presence. I thought of every thing he stood for, his manhood, his trust, his wellness, his generosity, his love, his emotional attachment, his humanity- everything! And I decided that every day that he is not here in this world, I will fill in his spot and be more like him. From that day on forward I had a small piece of him with me at all times. And I too became  a better person.

I still cry when I think of him but at the bottom of my heart I know that I am no longer mourning his death, rather reliving his life through me.