Everything I do I do for you

Have you ever had some one who has past away or is no longer in your life, yet there isn’t a single day in your life when you don’t think about them?

Most people who are cognitively heightened do.

Agha joon, is what I called my grandfather. In Persian it translates to exactly ‘dearest man’. Which is exactly what he was to me. He was my everything. And once he passed away everything was taken away from me temporarily. Until I realized that instead of mourning his passing, I need to be living his presence. I thought of every thing he stood for, his manhood, his trust, his wellness, his generosity, his love, his emotional attachment, his humanity- everything! And I decided that every day that he is not here in this world, I will fill in his spot and be more like him. From that day on forward I had a small piece of him with me at all times. And I too became  a better person.

I still cry when I think of him but at the bottom of my heart I know that I am no longer mourning his death, rather reliving his life through me.


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