New Generation – Poem

Broken person

See me in the light

for the person i am

not for the person I want to be

it burns me inside

to see you see me like this

but my mind is not here

too much noise

my heart is flowing in the ocean

but it’s polluted in the 21st century

steaming from the inside out

but it vaporizes before you see me beneath you

Think of me !

When I am no longer here

Think of me!

When you’re dreaming

At the end of the day

We all turn into dust

no one lives for eternity

and we all end in the same place

we have for years…

yet we forget

we think we’re inevitable

i will forgive you

I will be forgotten

but don’t forget this one thing

remind yourself every day that you’re not here to stay

no one is invincible



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