Some things I have learned in life up until life

These are some things I have learned in life , which have helped me get this far in life and also allowed me to pass a lot of hardship in my life.

we must seclude ourselves from nature to progress.
the believer is happy, the doubter wise.
the moment you start accepting limitations is the moment you die.
if you think you’re different, then at least put in some effot to try to minimally fool yourself.
sometimes no matter how hard you try to wash your hands, you still can’t get them clean.
you always want to know the real answer until you do…
never say ‘always’
one day you’ll see that you can be wrong about people, that not all people are the same. But until that very day, dont get your hope up.
As long as there is the unknown, there is fear. That’s why there is religion.
We bare the pressure of our world and our feet bares the pressure of us. So we better treat them right.
people hardly realize that we could cut anything from our lives, any times, just like that.
sometimes you need to overcome things, rather than avoid them.
in life, no such  thing is perfect or lasting
you always want to help the people you’ve created.
don’t give into your emotions, stay on the safe side.
i can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s so bright my eyes are burning.
i have come to the realization that my happiness is found in the smallest things possible.
dont rush through life unless you truely must, you only get one chance.
in times if hardship just remember 2 things: that you’re not alone, and there is some one that has it way worse
take life one breath at a time
the purpose of life is to find the purpose of yourself within in.
find happiness within yourself, only then you can find happiness in others. From then on, it’s a vicious cycle.
if you dont try, you’ll never know.
it’s hard to see the dark when all youve ever seen is light.
every beginning has an end, but there is always a fresh start that follows.
the only thing left to do is be human now.
never threaten until you’re ready to deliver.
one thing is for sure, people are all the same.
you can walk with your head down and if lucky find a loonie, but walk with your head up and you’re bound to find life.
his eyes were closed, and his heart open.
we live. we die. and the wheels on the  bus go round and round.
it amazes me how people are all the same, yet we make the same mistakes over and over again.
stop yapping and just do it.
she decided to write a book, and she did.
when you’re high up there, just remember that we all see the same blue sky.
sometimes you get so caught up in life where you forget about every one around you and how your actions effect them (the important things in life).
everything is a function of time.
being able to walk in the park with your eyes open is half the battle.
when your stop has come along your best bet is to get off the train the first time around. For every other time, your destination will be intact but time will not be on your side.

You stand before me, as I once said you would. You’re still in denial, and i’m way gone.


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