Humans have a hard time moderating. It is one of our genetic faults. Most people are like action potentials, all or nothing. Unfortunately this does not work well in the real world. There needs to be a balance between everything, including your social, love, and work life. Think about most of the people in which you know, are they balanced? I will speak for myself when I say that 90% of the people that I known are not well balanced and are miserable! They are either working too much (and hating their jobs, for the most part!), partying too much (doing illegal drugs, and binge drinking), or cheating on their bfs/gfs.

To add on to it, nowadays we have a new addiction, that being technology. Primarily our cell phones. It is so odd for me to see a group of 10 people sitting at a restaurant all on their phones! It boggles my mind! it really does!

Conclusion: Do everything in moderation! Including using your phones! And if you are not capable of doing it in moderation then might as well not do it at all. So make rules for yourself and your friends/family to have all phone put away when in social gatherings of more than 2!

The end!


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