Last night I had a dream, which   i remember vividly!

I was some where in Africa, in one of the very poor countries and there were children every where, no parents or adults, just children….maybe around 20 of them.
I wanted to help them. i felt so bad, i really wanted to help them, they just lived in the streets, and had nothing to eat.
i remember one scene where one of the older children, maybe 13 or 14 , a girl was cooking something in a black pot on a small fire she had made on the side of the street and I thought okay well they have at least something to eat. But as I got closer to see what was in the pot I saw it was just leaves and branches of the  the surrounding trees in water.
The next thing I remember Is that I had actually helped them and got them out of wherever it was in Africa and brought them to Canada. They were not living in a nice house, and everything looked great from the outside. And again the same scene with a girl cooking something this time on a stove. And as I got closer I saw that it was filled with chopped up zucchini in boiling water. Which is not a significant healthy food, in North America.
And all of the sudden the authorities barged in, as in I had brought them here illegeally. And I told every one to hide, all 20 kids, and they did, but there was the baby who was in my arms , a tiny tiny baby, and I held her so tight, no one could touch her or harm her.
the authorities came with their guns screaming and yelling, and it was just me and the baby and i held her and no one could harm her. no one.