We are all the same

Whether we come from different color, ethnicity, race, and sexuality we are all the same. The core of humans are the same, even if our external is not. Once we as humans realize this, life becomes much easier. But unfortunate instead of accepting this and dealing with it, we end up distracting ourselves with what I call “noise”. Noise can be anything that is NOT dealing with the truth, it can be social media, technologies, facebook, Instagram, video games, etc.

Next time you get sucked into “noise”, STOP yourself and ask yourself what you are hiding from and why.



New Generation – Poem

Broken person

See me in the light

for the person i am

not for the person I want to be

it burns me inside

to see you see me like this

but my mind is not here

too much noise

my heart is flowing in the ocean

but it’s polluted in the 21st century

steaming from the inside out

but it vaporizes before you see me beneath you

Think of me !

When I am no longer here

Think of me!

When you’re dreaming

At the end of the day

We all turn into dust

no one lives for eternity

and we all end in the same place

we have for years…

yet we forget

we think we’re inevitable

i will forgive you

I will be forgotten

but don’t forget this one thing

remind yourself every day that you’re not here to stay

no one is invincible



As degrading as it feels to be embarrassed or ashamed in front of others, at times it is truly necessary to allow the selfish and dignified mankind to go farther on in life and progress. To ever feel that you are better than everyone  is to have failed at life. It shows how insignificant you are as a person, and how narrow-minded your thought process actually is. To think that you are better than everyone and act such a way is equivalent to your lack of experience in life. Either that, or your lack of self confidence.
Such experiences are momentarily and they surpass before you know it. Just like pleasant experiences, unpleasant ones also pass us. Eventually we do forget about them, and move on with our lives. But not before it has taught us a lesson.
We should be happy that we can still feel a certain way, even if it’s not the best feeling one could feel. Every single emotion will causes various behavioral changes during the present, but also effects how we react to certain situations in the future. Emotions, whether positive or negative causes change. Change is always good, whether it’s for the better or worse. You may be surprise, but it’s true. Some may say that an adverse characteristic to have as an individual is dependency. Alongside with change comes independence, which makes you a stronger person as a whole without needing to rely on others to gratify certain needs.
To feel sad is good, because then you’ll know what happy feels like.
To feel angry is good, because then you’ll appreciate being calm.
To feel rushed is good, because then you take your time when there is time.

“I’m ready to go”

Do those words sounds familiar? There are really two main interpretations which come to mind for the general population, either really good or really bad.

But have you ever  had it mean simply nothing. I mean you feel nothing. You see nothing. You sense nothing. And in that instant one sixtieth of a second your whole world stops. And all you can do is stare…stare into her big blue eyes, as she tells you she’s ready to go with a big smile on her face. Ironically with a big smile on her face!

There  I was; frozen for what seemed to be minutes and I looked into this amazing woman’s’ eyes and all I can see is youth, cognition, and happiness. She’s staring  at me in silence with her big smile, showing her straight teeth; and I feel her shiny eyes glaring at me and making my body feel stiff. Frozen. I was frozen!

For once in my life I did not know what to say, or think , or do,  I was held by an amazing woman’s’ words and actions at a still. And all I could do was nod and smile, as if I understood her. But I really didn’t. But I know she won’t be there the next time I go, which is why I understood she wanted to go. She wanted “to go” for good.




Are we ever living in the present?

From since I could remember I have always ‘awaited’ the future. I was famous for being bored as a child, with everything and anything. Always wanted to finish A, and start B, while thinking about C. The reality is I have never really lived in the Now. And the truth is, most people really don’t. Not because we don’t want to, but because we no longer know how to.