We are all the same

Whether we come from different color, ethnicity, race, and sexuality we are all the same. The core of humans are the same, even if our external is not. Once we as humans realize this, life becomes much easier. But unfortunate instead of accepting this and dealing with it, we end up distracting ourselves with what I call “noise”. Noise can be anything that is NOT dealing with the truth, it can be social media, technologies, facebook, Instagram, video games, etc.

Next time you get sucked into “noise”, STOP yourself and ask yourself what you are hiding from and why.



Why do we want some thing else?

Because we are human. What it entails to be human is greed, selfishness, self centeredness, and our lovely frontal lobe which is responsible for all the things that I just mentioned. I think the worse curse on humanity is greed. No other animal has it. Only the human. The main reason is to of course advance in life. But at the end, does it really matter how much you advance if you’re already successful and making a 6 figure income?