Give to other, not to receive back

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Be the Change.”

Change is ALWAYS good. Whether it’s good or bad change. We may not always think that because at the time of a “bad ” change we are devastated and at times at our lowest emotionally. But with time even the bad change has a great outcome.

Did you know if every one in North America gave a dollar less than a dollar a day, there would be no world hunger?! Crazy , right!?…. but there is so much social noise around us that it doesn’t allow us to see this information/fact! Dont you see? The world does not want you to see! The world is blocking your vision with alcohol, drugs, social media, propaganda, and extensive (not necessary) technology. Every one’s brain is fogged up (rhymed with ‘fucked’ up). no pun intended.

I hope for every one to one day open their eyes to the world that is NOT their own. To see how other people live their lives, and to seek change in helping the less privileged.


 I made a change. Any one can do it. Last July I went to Ghana and did sooo much and amongst them allowed a person who hadn’t walked in 25 years walk !!! We made him a prosthetic limb and he walked!!!  Any one can do it. There is so much to do in this world, so many opportunities, we should all help people in need!! It is our responsibility as humans. We owe it to mankind.

Case 4 SchoolHoven. 2 days after I saw him. I had lost my luggage with my supplies of plaster to cast Simone. So I was innovated and used paper mache. Case 4 SchoolHoven Cured Leper Male, had not walked in over 25 years. No body even gave him the option to. He was crawling on his knees in the last 25 years, and was starting to get ulcers.


I would be a Farmer

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “New Skin.”

If I could be any one else I would be a Farmer, in a warm country.

There are so many reasons I chose this answer, but to sum it up in one sentence. Because I want to earn what I put in my body and soul.

Nowadays we don’t see where the food that’s on our plate comes from. We don’t see who has grown it or touched it . We don’t see how it has been made or processed. All of this forces us not to appreciate what we are eating. Hence the global destruction of human bodies. Worldwide, specifically in North America people are at their most unhealthiest weight. More and more people are becoming Diabetic, a disease that is preventive! Unlike most diseases which are not preventive (Some). But diabetes (type II) is equally correlated to your obesity. Out of sight, out of mind. It is true, but this is very bad for our people. We are self destructing ourselves. And most people don’t even know it. The best we can do in today’s society is only eat food that looks like food! Nothing processed and nothing that did not look like food 100 years ago! seriously people! wake up!!!!